First Swiss online casino

Switzerland is serious: The little Alpine country has brought the first legal online casino on the market.

For the first time Swiss citizens can win without legal difficulties in the new “Free Online Casino”. But they can not easily pay their winnings, they must redeem them in the next casino of the Swiss casinos. It is a backdoor through which the casino group enters the online market. Because legislation in the country prohibits the promotion of real money games on the Internet, let alone offering them. The solution of the Swiss casinos: the own web casino is free of charge, is played thereby without the employment of money exactly like in an on-line casino. The bets run on the game balance, which is updated continuously in the profile of the player.

There are currently 24 casino games available. including six card games (eg blackjack), five table games (eg roulette), nine slots and four video poker machines. You can win game points in this online casino, which can then be exchanged for rewards in the “real” casino. These are simple drinks, but also casino parties for 20 people worth 1,000 Swiss francs. Anyone who had hoped that something of the points earned could actually land in his account will be disappointed.

Play for money is and remains banned in Switzerland – at least on the Internet. Who wants to gamble, so limited to the land-based casinos. And for that the Swiss Casinos promise a few new customers over the own on-line casino. It aims to “bring potential games closer to potential guests and make incentives in the form of bonuses the next casino visit tasty”.

Whether the bill will work remains to be seen. In the middle of the year, the free online casino will be joined by a “Freeroll Onlien Poker Room”. Again, it will be about collecting game points and these against bonuses, such. B. Value chips, poker tournaments, to exchange.

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