Female Gambling Addictions

Many women who gamble face the risk of becoming addicted to the sport. With many women striving for independence, it is easy for them to turn to gambling as a release from life but somehow turns into an addiction.

The reasons why women gamble make women all the more susceptible to the gambling addiction. Women who gamble as a means of escape may find out that the more they gamble, the more problems they can ignore. Likewise, women who gamble purely for economic reasons may be addicted much more faster as they try to win the massive jackpot and continually try to recover their losing bets.

Convenience Gambling

The availability of gambling outlets is seen as the boosting element in women’s gambling addiction. Games such as multi-state lotteries and other similar games have given women the chance to spend large amounts of money in hopes of winning the big one.

Studies have shown that states with similar mega-lottery draws have increased revenues and as a specific state economy goes down, many people are desperate to find a way out of their problem and turn to the next available alternative: gambling. Unfortunately, those who least have the money tend to spend the most on tickets and do not miss a jackpot draw.

Video gaming machines that have been hidden in back rooms on the past are now brought out into the open for all to see and try a hand at it. They can now be found in bars, restaurants, near bowling lanes or convenience stores. Because of its accessibility, people find it hard not to try out the machine once and not be ashamed of being seen playing it.

The recent legalization of many casino operators and legalization of gambling in many states has made gambling part of everyday life. Casinos are now seen as vacation alternatives and casino owners have devised a lot of ways to keep visitors coming back again and again. Many casinos now cater to the female community and as such, many women are now more attracted to it.

The rise in online casinos is seen as the final stroke in gambling addiction. It is very easy to lose a lot of money playing online in a day without noticing the time spent or how much has been lost. It is the very convenience of gambling from home that has many women hooked on gambling.

And lastly, the rise in on-line casino gambling has also taken its toll on women. It is incredibly easy to spend an entire day on-line without even noticing how much time or how many dollars has disappeared.

Finding Help

Many organizations exist tio help combat the gambling addiction of women. They realize that women are most vulnerable to the addiction and offer treatments and ways to help kick the habit.

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