How to Cope After Losing and Addiction on Gambling

Gambling is truly an addictive past time. Most often, many gamblers only ended up losing. In these cases, the person usually seeks up help to cope up with lose and addiction. Whenever the gambler is struggling with addiction and lose, professional help is a must. Upon admission that there is a great issue of difficulty and there is a feeling of hopelessness, counseling is usually started to put up some of the potion of life that had lost. Treatment for habitual gambling turning to losing end is comparable to other used for other types of addiction lie illegal drugs and tobacco.

Various approach are being created by medical experts in an aim to provide treatment for addiction to gambling that will be able to cope in the process. Psychiatric therapy is one of the major treatments that can be done that uses an approach of battling the behavioral and cognitive aspects.

The focal point of this is the manner of replacing the negative aspects of life with positive attitude. In order to cope using this technique, the gambler first identifies the bad thinking and then change with good thoughts. Conducting the therapy in one or more person of similar problems will also help in creating a feeling of desolation.

The gambler will be able to hear stories typically the same of what had experienced and therefore there will be recognition of mistakes. The co-members of the group also give advice. There will be a support group that can lean on. Self-sufficiency is also advised by many experts in which the gambler will cope in a manner of self advocacy. A positive point of view is usually suggestive of becoming free from negative factors that will affect the healing process.

The family’s support is also a great help to cope up. There should be numerous discussions with the family as well as friends to identify the key points of how the addiction had occurred. If ever necessary there can be a dispute over one matter to really sink in the problem that had happen. Afterwards, the realization of the truth will help to cope with addiction.

Live-in facilities are also welcoming the gambling addicts to start and cope with the problem. This can be based on the hospital or can be a community type of society wherein there are recreations like sports and other forms of relaxation that will reverse the …

Gambling Games Learning and Mastering the Games are Two Different Things

With gambling games, you may think that to learn and master these things are, basically, just the same thing in meaning. However, that is not so.

So many players like you think that it is merely the same. But, that is one of the errors of the trade because to learn and to master the gambling games really means two different things.

Are you having a difficult time in trying to grasp these things that we are saying? Allow us to expound on these matters, then.

* To Learn Let’s take learning first.

To learn is to engage in thorough study. You examine the different facets of the various games that you can play on the online halls and land-based casinos. You read the rules, become adept with the languages of the games, learn the different playing strategies that you can use, and become well-versed in the games.

As a whole, learning is the first step to knowing the necessary things in order for you to play with ease and comfort against other players.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to beat the other players on the games of chance? Who wouldn’t want to bag the winning position at the end of playing session? Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to join in the tournament arenas where the best of the best play against each other?

You can do those things – and, possibly, more – when you learn the necessary things beforehand. That’s the way things are. From a novice who isn’t that knowledgeable about the games yet, you try to become a pro at the games that you like to play with learning.

* To Master So, if learning is as such, what, then, can mastering the games give you as a player when you are already nearing the position of the professional gamers when you learn the games?

Well, in learning, you forgot to think about one more thing. You don’t simply become a pro when you learn the game. You become a professional player of the games that you like when you master these games. And this may take many, many months of learning, practicing, and learning some more.

Yes, you’ve read that right. In mastering the games, you also learn. But, you push the threshold of learning more so you can eventually be one of the best gamers there is.

So you see, to …

Female Gambling Addictions

Many women who gamble face the risk of becoming addicted to the sport. With many women striving for independence, it is easy for them to turn to gambling as a release from life but somehow turns into an addiction.

The reasons why women gamble make women all the more susceptible to the gambling addiction. Women who gamble as a means of escape may find out that the more they gamble, the more problems they can ignore. Likewise, women who gamble purely for economic reasons may be addicted much more faster as they try to win the massive jackpot and continually try to recover their losing bets.

Convenience Gambling

The availability of gambling outlets is seen as the boosting element in women’s gambling addiction. Games such as multi-state lotteries and other similar games have given women the chance to spend large amounts of money in hopes of winning the big one.

Studies have shown that states with similar mega-lottery draws have increased revenues and as a specific state economy goes down, many people are desperate to find a way out of their problem and turn to the next available alternative: gambling. Unfortunately, those who least have the money tend to spend the most on tickets and do not miss a jackpot draw.

Video gaming machines that have been hidden in back rooms on the past are now brought out into the open for all to see and try a hand at it. They can now be found in bars, restaurants, near bowling lanes or convenience stores. Because of its accessibility, people find it hard not to try out the machine once and not be ashamed of being seen playing it.

The recent legalization of many casino operators and legalization of gambling in many states has made gambling part of everyday life. Casinos are now seen as vacation alternatives and casino owners have devised a lot of ways to keep visitors coming back again and again. Many casinos now cater to the female community and as such, many women are now more attracted to it.

The rise in online casinos is seen as the final stroke in gambling addiction. It is very easy to lose a lot of money playing online in a day without noticing the time spent or how much has been lost. It is the very convenience of gambling from home that has many women hooked on gambling.

And …

Compulsive Gambling and Treatment

Compulsive Gambling and Treatment

The prevalence of compulsive gamblers increases as the gambling industry expands. This is the subject of concern among community leaders who recognize the existence of compulsive gambling as a psychological illness. Compulsive gambling is also widely called as pathologic gambling because of the underlying pathological condition that affects human behavior with disturbing effects and deleterious consequences.

To diagnose the presence of compulsive gambling, the gambler should meet the category of manifesting maladaptive behaviors that threatens to disrupt their personal relationships, social functions and daily activities that are not caused by any manic episodes. Specific symptoms for compulsive gambling episodes include repetitive gambling to reach the heights of excitement from gambling activities, persistent spending despite bankruptcy and making more loans and credits from friends and other sources to finance their gambling urge. They often experience restlessness in an effort of stopping their gambling activities resulting to extreme depression. Some compulsive gamblers resort to gambling as the only means to escape and relieve their grievances and anxiety. They would chase money that was lost in an effort to gain control of their game. Such disturbing behaviors can lead to felony activities, physical and/or verbal abuse to spouse and children and sacrificing employment and social relationships.

Compulsive gamblers seek the excitement from euphoric gambling, not going after the money but with the surge of power to control their game. They often express denial about their behavioral gambling-related problem which increases the chance of overlooking the presence of an underlying pathologic behavior. Once the condition of a pathological gambler is neglected, the suicidal tendency for these individuals is high.

Compulsive gambling is usually addressed as a psychiatric disorder that leads to addiction. The addiction experienced can be likened to substance abuse where withdrawal symptoms are manifested such as major depression and mood swings. Depressions are highly correlated with compulsive gambling and compulsive gamblers often counteract depression through repetitive gambling and get high with uncontrolled spending. Compulsive gamblers shut their family, employment, financial responsibilities and other supposedly important things in their life. Everything is sacrificed over their gambling addiction with catastrophic results.

The ideal approach of treatment for compulsive gamblers is to help them acknowledge the existence of their gambling-related problems. Support should be provided in the withdrawal attempt from their gambling addiction. The most successful approach to compulsive gambling is behavioral and cognitive therapy. Psychotherapeutic approach helps to cease disturbed …

Quick Gambling Tips When Playing Slot Machines

Regardless whether a gambler plays slot machines in online or offline venues, slot players should always keep one important thing in mind and that is the game of slot is a game of chance with no system that can possibly predict the game outcome when playing slot machines.

In order to ensure gambling fairness, casinos employ a random number generator that is mainly responsible for ensuring an independent and random outcome in every spin of the slot machine reels.

The game of slots manages to become popular as an online and offline casino game. Slot players can obtain better experience with slot gambling by following some quick gambling tips:

No system on slots can effectively beat the house advantage. Slots players will just waste their money and time on slot systems that promise to teach slot players how to ensure winning from playing the slot machine.

The random number generator on the slot software is programmed independently in such a way that no external factor can influence the random outcome from each spin. Therefore, the fate of a slot gambler will basically depend on the RNG which generates different outcomes in every second.

Make a budget plan intended for slot wagering and stick to it. Playing slots can be fun but it can be a fast paced game that can wipe out a gambler’s bankroll in no time. Enjoy playing slots while you can while spending reasonable amount of money you don’t mind losing.

One way to save from playing slot is to play a lower denomination machine. This can help a slot player stretch their budget to be able to play for the maximum coins without the bankroll pressure.

Betting for the maximum coins entitles a slot player to better and bigger jackpots to win. Therefore slot players must see to it to play for the maximum as it can potentially give them a life changing winnings.

Never chase losses and if you find the slot machine you are playing a cold one, meaning it does not pay at all by all means find another slot machine to play. Casinos distribute their slot machines in such a way that there are good paying one and one with the worse pay schedule. It is up to the slot players to find a better slot machine from the casino floors.

Set a slot machine gaming session time limit. The longer a …

Hawaian Treasure

Hawaian Treasure – new to Betsson and can be found in

Categories: casinos casino free Hawain Treasure is the title of the new video slot machine, because I have now found by pure coincidence in the Betsson Games. Bkis today does not reveal to me why Betsson hides first-class video machines in browser games instead of placing them in the casino.

The title Hawaian Treasure is somewhat ambiguous, because the Hawaiian girls on the reels could also be meant to be Hawaian Treasure. But even without the Tiki Girls there is enough treasure, especially free games in abundance and the whole even without registration in the casino as a play money version.

The Betsson Casino has camouflaged many video car companies as games: Free bets are available at Betsson for every casino visitor who is registered, even though I have never made a deposit at the casino, that is more than extraordinary! For free spins without deposit you just have to start the right game: Baccarat without casino Sign up Cash Back Bonus Play casino in the casino at Star Games Casino Moorhuhn? free! Crazy Slots Online Call of Duty 20000 Leagues – Captain Nemo Slot…

Online Gambling Basic Secrets

Everyone has their own secrets to deal with – whether it’s with personal chit-chats involving juicy details, one’s personal outlook on the grand scheme of life, or how to beat an opponent, such as in a particular online gambling game.

These secrets make things worthwhile – depending on what they are.

As such, these things can either make or break a person bearing these secrets because of how a person deals with it.

But, since tackling all these various secrets at a stretch would be too lengthy for this article, let’s dwell more on the latter, online gambling, and the secrets that the pros thrive on.

True, there is more to a particular game of chance that beginners are (usually) left out in the dark to notice.

But, if one would care to closely examine the manner of styles and playing strategies of those who seem to have what it takes to win, one would see that most of the secrets border on simple – not advanced – levels of application.

What does this mean for someone interested to take on the odds of virtual casino games?

Well, instead of trying so hard to learn certain betting strategies that would seem to be too mind-boggling a task to take on for a first-timer, going for the simplest, basic steps are already a huge help.

But, before one should be too keen to get these things and apply them, choices should be made initially because not all tips would suit a particular gamer – even with the most basic of strategies.

So, what are the choices that can be applied?

Well, here are a few:

* Be a Mind-Reader. To be a mind-reader on Internet casinos doesn’t entail reading cards for fortune telling or such. With online gambling, a mind-reader actually deals with reading the possible moves or gestures that would be taken by other opponents.

Although this may seem simple to apply, a quick wit is needed here in order to do such. And thorough knowledge on the possibilities of a certain game should also be involved.

* Do the Math. Games of chance are usually set with complications especially with the odds that these things work on. But then, a person can actually unlock the codes that can make the odds favorable for them.


Well, mathematical possibilities reign in these games. And, to get in, knowing how to …

Online Casino is Much Better than Land Casino

Online Casino is rampant right now. If you are just surfing the net, you will be able to see a lot of advertisements and promotions about online casinos. A lot of people are choosing to play in an online casino rather than in a land casino due to a lot of factors.

One of the reasons why an online casino is much better is because first, it is money wise. If you will be planning to put up a business such as this, you can save a lot of money since you do not need to worry about the place and setup anymore.

Software is all an online casino operator needs to have, in order for one to have a running casino business. Imagine in a land casino, you need to rent a place, set up the casino ambience, buy tables, chairs, cards, chips, and a lot more to start the business running. All of this will cost the operator a lot of money before one can start the business.

Gamblers find online casino very comfortable since they do not need to spend and make effort to travel before they can start playing. All they need to do is open their computer and do some clicking and they can start enjoying the world of casino.

Players can even manage their time more effectively. They can even multitask by doing some household chores or some work and at the same time play online casino.

One of the reasons why online casino is also advantageous than land casino is that it is effortless. Gamblers do not need to worry on what to wear. Online casino players will just wear their simple day to day clothes or even their pajamas and enjoy he games in casino thru online.

In an online casino, you may not see the beautiful lights, ambience and as well as the crowd but this will serve as an advantage as well to avoid distractions.

Many people consider online casino a much better type of casino since they will be saving more money instead of spending it for transportation. They can also enjoy the fun a casino brings from the comfort of their own homes.

If you are one of those people who are quite hesitant to try out the different world of online casino, maybe this is a good time for you to try it and let yourself experience …

First Swiss online casino

Switzerland is serious: The little Alpine country has brought the first legal online casino on the market.

For the first time Swiss citizens can win without legal difficulties in the new “Free Online Casino”. But they can not easily pay their winnings, they must redeem them in the next casino of the Swiss casinos. It is a backdoor through which the casino group enters the online market. Because legislation in the country prohibits the promotion of real money games on the Internet, let alone offering them. The solution of the Swiss casinos: the own web casino is free of charge, is played thereby without the employment of money exactly like in an on-line casino. The bets run on the game balance, which is updated continuously in the profile of the player.

There are currently 24 casino games available. including six card games (eg blackjack), five table games (eg roulette), nine slots and four video poker machines. You can win game points in this online casino, which can then be exchanged for rewards in the “real” casino. These are simple drinks, but also casino parties for 20 people worth 1,000 Swiss francs. Anyone who had hoped that something of the points earned could actually land in his account will be disappointed.

Play for money is and remains banned in Switzerland – at least on the Internet. Who wants to gamble, so limited to the land-based casinos. And for that the Swiss Casinos promise a few new customers over the own on-line casino. It aims to “bring potential games closer to potential guests and make incentives in the form of bonuses the next casino visit tasty”.

Whether the bill will work remains to be seen. In the middle of the year, the free online casino will be joined by a “Freeroll Onlien Poker Room”. Again, it will be about collecting game points and these against bonuses, such. B. Value chips, poker tournaments, to exchange.…

Digibet offers Swedish gaming providers

*** GambLux EDITOR NEWS *** Digibet offers Swedish gaming provider [Thursday, December 7, 2006] As the first official official act as CEO of the Swedish provider Net Entertainment, Johan Ohman was pleased to announce that Net Entertainment is his casino module the German gambling site Digibet provides.

The Net Entertainment Casino Module Pack is a complete gaming platform.

“The fact that we can enable full integration in such a short time is unique. This proves that our ongoing efforts to improve our documentation procedures and routines have been successful, “said Ohman. Print this article | Email this to a friend | Send us your feedback MORE NEWS ARCHIVE – GAMBLING ARTICLES 2006 DECEMBER 2006 NOVEMBER 2006 OCTOBER 2006 SEPTEMBER 2006 2005 ONLINE CASINOS – PAYMENT TABLE Casino AlleGames Poker Slots Table Games 21Nova Casino 98,70 98,60 98,70 98,80 EuroGrand Casino 97, 47 97,40 97,20 97,80 Joyland casino 96,87 97,50 96,10 97,00 Registration Bonus FREE 100% registration bonus! from Casino On Net Exclusive 320% Bonus Offer from 21Nova Casino Welcome Bonus 888 $ Welcome Bonus from Vegas Red 300 $ Welcome Bonus from Casino Tropez A generous $ 555 Welcome Bonus to incentivize new players.

from USA CASINO It offers players up to $ 850 free on the first 4 deposits from Joyland casino New players enjoy three types of welcome bonuses: $ 718; $ 212 Manhattan Bonus or 100% New York Casino Match Bonus Two different and exciting welcome offers await you at Prestige Casino from Prestige Casino Online Tournaments Carnival Casino Tournament Club GambLux CASH HIGHLIGHTS GambLux NEWS HIGHLIGHTS GAMBLING SURVEY DEAL OF THE WEEK…