Zynga starts real money game

What has long been rumored was confirmed in a videoconference with investors by Zynga CEO Mark Pincus: in the first half of next year, the social gaming company wants to offer gambling for money. Just a few months ago, Pincus realized that this form of gaming would be a great fit with his company’s portfolio. Now he is serious and wants to conquer the international markets in the gambling business next year. Recently, Zynga did not look very good: the price of Zynga shares dropped from $ 15 to $ 3, and with the conquest of the new market, the company wants to meet, among other things, the shareholders’ demands.

The first products for real money games are already in development, These will be introduced worldwide in regulated gambling markets over the next year, provided that Zynga obtains the necessary licenses from the authorities. Apparently, Zynga does not want to serve the American market at first, as there are hardly any regulated gambling laws open to online gambling. Europe seems to be the better market for the new push. In many countries gambling on the Internet is already allowed, Zynga could try there for licenses. The players in Germany, however, will not be able to enjoy real money games from Zynga. In this country, gambling on the Internet is prohibited even with the new State Treaty on Gambling. Even Schleswig-Holstein, which was the only state to open the market, struck another course after the last elections and the subsequent change of government.

With its top product “Zynga Poker”, the company is already making significant profits, and millions of people worldwide know and appreciate the social poker game. But the money game business could be even more lucrative for Zynga. In social games such as Zynga Poker, users spend $ 2-3 a month on virtual currency, but in online casinos, things are different: they earn up to $ 300 per player per month. Zynga wants to get a slice of this revenue. The success seems programmed for Zynga, because already the games of the company belong to the most popular of the social gaming cosmos. More Casino News 06.

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